Ashleigh Clark


(Martin Mars)

While we might have seen the last flight of the Hawaii Mars for a while, for all the thousands of people posting pictures and videos of the waterbomber on social media this summer, your chance to get great shots of the World's largest flying boats did not end with the provincial firefighting contract.

Crews from Coulson Flying Tankers will be putting the Phillipine in the water soon, and both planes will be in the Sproat Lake together again for the first time in many years according to owner Wayne Coulson

Coulson said he'll be getting a couple of C-130 Hercules and some other planes from the US Navy in exchange for sending the Phillipine Mars to the Florida Naval Museum



The Alberni Clayoquot Regional District is moving forward on improving the Alberni and Long Beach airports.

Applications have been sent in for funding from the Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund, but barring that the district can borrow up to $6 million of the $7.4 million needed to expand the runway at the Alberni Airport and install new lighting and GPS.

ACRD Chair Josie Osborne said the improvements are critical for the economic health of the region

The province contributed $1.27 million from the BC Airport Access Program for lighting at the Long Beach Airport

They'll find out about a possible federal contribution in the mid to late fall


(5 acre shaker)

Organizers of the Five Acre Shaker came before the regional board yesterday to begin the groundwork for next year's music festival.

Jess Towers said the inaugural event went very well, and was incident-free except for one minor first aid call.

Lance Goddard said the district's decision to restrict attendance to 500 a day limited their ability to make a profit, even after bumping their weekend pass cost from $50 to $65

450 people attended on the Saturday, including a few ACRD staff and board members

The organizers said they hope to get approval for 1000 people next year, although the location of the weekend concert event is still to be determined.