(burning ban)

City Council agreed to implement a year-round burning ban, beginning in April of next year

Fire Chief Tim Pley said there's no real reason to burn yard waste since it can be turned into hog fuel or compost at the landfill, and with our autumn climate it never gets dry enough to burn cleanly.

Combine that with a reduction in forest burn piles because of the new bio-charcoal plant, and a shift towards cleaner burning woodstoves, and that means asthmatics and people with lung problems will be able to breathe a little easier this winter.

Small campfires and cooking fires will still be allowed under the new rules



      After sitting on standby for several days, the huge Martin Mars water bomber has seen action dousing another wildfire -- only its second call this month.

      The big plane was dispatched to a ten hectare fire near Cowichan Lake, at Skutz Falls.

      The human-caused blaze is not threatening any homes.



One of the suspects believed to have been behind a rash of truck thefts remains in jail this week

26-year old Sheldon Johanson faces 29 charges after allegedly going on a crime spree stealing Ford SuperDuty trucks, taking off with their contents, and often destroying the vehicles.

Johanson along with at least one other person are accused in the thefts of seven vehicles in 2 weeks from Victoria to Campbell River to Port Alberni

Johanson was arrested on May 13th after allegedly leading police on a dirtbike chase through Beaver Creek

He was denied bail and will appear in court again today along with co-accused Craig Hannon for trial



The dank smell of mould has brought a vacant Argyle Street building to city hall's attention

The building at 4924 Argyle formerly held a scuba shop, tv repair shop and gym upstairs

Now, it's slowly filling with black mould which has neighbouring businesess complaining

City Planner Scott Smith says they've tried to contact the building's owner Irene Wenngatz in Nanaimo, but will have to contract a private firm to hunt her down and serve her with remediation orders.

Smith said if steps aren't taken soon, the city will start the nuisance property process